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Don and Annette Hall’s September 2006 visit with F/51st LRS Day 4—21 September 2006 SILENT VICTORY Screening and visit with SFC Butts Day 1  |  Day 2  |  Day 3 The last day Don and Annette Hall were there, they showed SILENT VICTORY to the men of F Company, 51st LRS in a theater on post. There was some trouble with the DVD skipping in the computer, but nonetheless, they were all quite enthralled with the story. Afterward, they had many questions about Don’s experience in combat with F/51st LRP in Vietnam. During the Q&A, Don invited Joe Banner up to the stage to say a few words. He served in F/51st LRS in the 1990’s and was a lieutenant with the unit when Don, Annette and their production crew were there in 1998 shooting the documentary. At the end of the Q&A, Don closed by saying that they were the greatest generation. CPT Rademacher came up to the stage at that point and surprised Don with the presentation of a plaque from the unit, thanking him for preserving the heritage of F Company. Don and Annette ended their visit with a book signing. Just about every man there purchased a signed copy of their book I SERVED (which they sold to them at cost; Don and Annette didn’t feel it was right to try to make a profit from the sale of the books to these young men). Don and Annette left Ft. Bragg feeling very privileged to have met all those wonderful soldiers. They keep them in their prayers, asking God to protect them while they, and all those who follow them, serve and protect us.
All photos © Annette and Don Hall This is the page for the Day 4, SILENT VICTORY Screening and visit with 1SGT Butts, of Don and Annette Hall’s September 2006 visit with F51 LRS. Links to the other days:   Day 1  |  Day 2  |  Day 3
Plaque detail:
CPT Rademacher surprised Don with the presentation of a plaque from the unit, thanking him for preserving the heritage of F Company.
After Don and Annette left Ft. Bragg, they drove to 1SGT Walter Butts’ house in Fayetteville. SGT Butts was Don’s first sergeant in F51st LRP in Vietnam. The Halls visited with him and his daughter, and with Bill Mortenson, another F51st LRP veteran.  Afterward they all went out to dinner, during which they gave a toast to Colonel William C. Maus, their former F51st LRP C.O., clinking their glasses of coffee, iced tea, and sodas together in warm remembrance of a man whom they all respected immensely.
L to R: Bill Mortenson, 1SGT Walter Butts, Don Hall. 1SGT Butts passed away the following year.
L to R: 1SGT Walter Butts, Annette and Don Hall, Bill Mortenson
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