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WHAT GENERAL FRED C. WEYAND (U.S. Army, deceased) SAID ABOUT “I SERVED”: “I think I SERVED is a great contribution to the overall story of the Vietnam experience. It is a riveting personal account of war that very few know anything about, except those directly involved. It is also a beautiful love story. The after-action reports give added credibility. God bless you and thank you for your work and your personal sacrifice in getting the story out.”
Photo, left: Don Hall autographing a copy of “I Served” for Fred Weyand (photo courtesy of Annette Hall) Photo, center: Don Hall presents to Fred Weyand the F/51st LRP (Abn) Inf. challenge coin (designed by Dave Peace) (photo courtesy of Annette Hall). Photo, right: General Fred C. Weyand shakes author Don Hall’s hand as he presents him with a Bronze Star in Vietnam in 1968 (photo courtesy of the U. S. Army). General Weyand gave an inspiring speech at the George Catlin Marshall Memorial Reception and Dinner for the Association of the United States Army Convention, held in Washington, D.C., on October 18, 2000. General Weyand passed away in 2010. *** WHAT OTHER AUTHORS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT I SERVED:
“I Served is meant for anyone interested in knowing what war is/was like—up close and personal. And Don and Annette Hall are two very courageous people for telling it like it was. Intellectuals record history which often omits human reactions to historical events. I Served along with a few other books on the Vietnam War may [one day] cause a rewrite of United States Military History. If you are interested in a reality few have sustained in the jungles of Vietnam, I Served is a must read.” —Gerald K. Stesiak, Vietnam 1966/67, author of “Raptor's Prey” “I SERVED is Oliver Twist, Romeo and Juliet, Catch-22, and All Quiet On The Western Front, all rolled into one. An extraordinary literary achievement.” — Jim Morris, author of “War Story” “Company F, 51st Long Range Patrol played a pivotal and hair-raising role in the defense of Long Binh during the 1968 Tet Offensive. In I SERVED, Don Hall tells the story of Company F before, during, and after Tet in intimate details.” — William Nolan, author of “The Battle for Saigon: Tet 1968” “Honest, gritty, passionate—I SERVED greatly adds to the personal narrative history of LRRPs in America’s longest war.” — Lt. Col. Michael Lee Lanning (U.S. Army, retired), author of “Inside the LRRPs: Rangers in Vietnam”  “From a turbulent childhood, to a warrior’s role, to a special love—riveting and true.”   — Dennis Foley, author of “Long Range Patrol,” and former X.O. of F/51st LRP. WHAT READERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT I SERVED: “My congratulations to you, for both your book I Served and your Documentary Silent Victory. Both of which are well done and OUTSTANDING!! You wrote a very honest portrayal of what life as a member Co. F ( LRP) 51st ABN INF was like. It may be unbelievable to some, but you not only wrote the true story, but backed it up with the after action reports and documents to prove its authenticity. Having been an original member of Co. F from its inception to it being disbanded, (4th Plat, radio relays and TOC Ops), I remember many of the accounts in both your book and documentary. It brought back many memories and much pride, knowing I had served with the BEST. I also concur that we were very fortunate to be led by two of the finest leaders, Col. Maus and First Sgt. W. Butts. What a perfect match. Both leaders not only trained us well, but instilled a camaraderie and pride in each and every one of us. I am grateful to you for telling OUR true story. Thank You and Best Wishes in your future endeavors.  Fox 51 Sir! Airborne all the WAY!! — Stephen (Steve) Calderon, 4th platoon to Commo platoon, AKA: Sgt. Shorty “The book, which is long and detailed, and powerfully written, covers the experiences of the same company [F/51st LRP], after that introductory section on the Catholic experience, also interesting. In the book you set out with a small group, usually 6, in a very successful innovation, the LRRP unit, on various missions, and quickly get to learn the strategy, all about insertion and extraction and everything else in between. Before this, however, there is an account of time spent with the Herd, the regular grunts in the field, which is a real nightmare, not just the fighting, but the conditions over there. In any case, when they go out on a mission, it’s like you are with them, I actually got frightened a couple of times as danger loomed. But there are other scary moments, for example, the confrontation between Don and the new C.O. Very well done. And you get to know the men, from  the revered Col. Maus, to Mike Frazier. they all become distinct characters, then to get to see them 30 years later [in SILENT VICTORY] is a remarkable experience. Then, of course, there is the sadness that comes with the losses of men. So the combination of book and film is unique in helping one to understand Vietnam and the bond between men that keeps such a unit going and succeeding. As a former professor of psychology, that especially interested me. In any case, congratulations on a real contribution to the literature and images of the Vietnam War.” — Len Magruder, President, Vietnam Veterans for Academic Reform Note: Click here to read Mr. Magruder’s review of the Halls’ documentary “SILENT VICTORY.” “Don, I received your book yesterday and finished it this afternoon. I commend you in all aspects of its content, storyline, and your allegiance to this country that we all thought was supposed to be behind us in that tragic war. Thanks for a great trip into the not-so-distant past in such great detail that a fellow grunt can understand. I wish you the best in all your endeavors with further editions that I will grab as soon as I find them available. You and Annette are so very lucky to have met unordinary circumstances and to have made a success especially when Vietnam was an interim. My wife, Kim, has just started reading the book this evening and I’m sure she will be just as captivated after only a few paragraphs as I was the last 2 days. “Thank you” and “Welcome Home” my brother. Respectfully,” — Ricky W. Jones (Army, retired), Delta Company, 2nd Platoon, 4th/12th/199th Light Infantry Brigade, Vietnam (War Zone D) 08/69—05/70. "REDCATCHER FOREVER" “Your book is the most powerful book I have ever read! When I finished it, I felt as if I knew everyone you had talked about. To say you did a wonderful job is an understatement! Everyone should read it! Dave has told me a few things about Nam. [Dave and I have] talked more about Nam since I've read the book. I knew very little except it was hell and I lost four friends. You opened my eyes to so much. I truly hope I get the pleasure of meeting you someday.”                                   — Aleda Kleckner “My girlfriend read your book. She said it was well written. Her Dad started reading a couple of pages, and he wants her to pick one up for him. She said she has a lot of respect for you, that you obviously went through a helluva lot. I'm starting to read it now. Looks like you've got a winner, Don!!! Thanks for taking time out of your life to write this. You sure have your head screwed on right!” — Dave Nichols “Just wanted to drop a note and tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I served with the 2nd Ranger bat from 81- 84. My hat is off to all you Rangers who served our country. You're all truly heroes. I had the privilege of serving under Jeff Mellinger during my tour, he was my platoon sergeant-I think you know him. Thanks again. RLTW.” — Brad Berntson “You probably will not recall, but I bought a copy of your excellent book when it was first published in 1994 (I got a signed 1st edition). I am so pleased that it is back in print. I saw your advert in the April 2002 edition of Vietnam. The book is one of the treasures of my collection of almost 500 books. With the endorsement of such luminaries as Jim Morris and Keith Nolan, it can't fail. It was a great read in 1994 and I am sure it still is. Best of luck with the book.” — James McNeill, Glasgow, Scotland “Don, this book is amazing. I just finished reading it over the weekend. I can almost feel every thing you were writing about. Heavy Rucksacks with The Herd, the mud, 16's not working, always jamming. You paint a very vivid picture. Hey man it's a great book. You and Annette have captured time so vividly. I remember Bass and Carter now that I've read the book. You have brought back so many memories.” — Robert Gonzaga “I just read your book I Served. It is a very right book. You told it like it was for you. Your CO sounded like a great leader, I wish I would have met him. Thank you for the book, it helped a lot. God bless.” David Handlos, 2/40 Arty 199th LIB “I read the book and it was great! Saw Silent Victory, too, and it was great, too! My father lost his life in October 1967 with the 199th’s LRRP unit so you can imagine my interest in your book and video because Don was in the same area about the same time as my father. Just thought I would drop a line and let you guys know I really appreciate what you have done and the message you are sending.” —Robert Carmody, son of a Vietnam veteran “It was absolutely the best book, most interesting and the honest-to-god, hardest to put down. I have been retired now for almost a year, and I think I've read about 75 to 80 books on the Vietnam experience, and it's very easy for me to pick out the best of all the one's I've read. And that would be yours. I Served was very different in the way it started out when you were very young. And it really made it feel like I was right there and a part of the whole experience. Honestly, I swear to you, it was what I would call a great, great interesting, keep you on the edge of your seat type of book. You really hit upon a truly amazing way of telling your story. I   must   tell   you   I've   never   served   in   the   military.   Thank   you   for   all   your   hard   work,   and   for   the   great   danger   you   put yourself in to protect people like me.” —Charles Domanski, retiree
Bill McDonald and Don Hall at the AAA Book Fair in Sacramento in July 2004.
“I felt really touched by the life story of Don Hall. It is one of those veteran memoirs that are also a great story about love, healing, faith, redemption, compassion, courage and friendship. This book has all those things that can make your heart break or warm up. It is a story of a young boy who endures many emotional and physical hardships in a lonely and cold hearted orphanage, long before he was on his way to Vietnam to face the NVA and VC. Knowing Don and Annette as I do, made this story even better because I can tell that what was in the book was really all about love. That romance is still alive and well today. The book explores their relationship but it also explores the world that a young Don found himself in during the Vietnam War. What Don faced in Nam and how he handles himself makes for a real action packed adventure sure to satisfy those readers who enjoy war genre books, however, there is much more spiritual and emotional depth to the story line as you follow the unfolding of the man Don was to become. I highly
recommend this book to all readers. I believe that women may find this a book that they can take to their hearts. This is not a combat book but a book about one man's personal journey through his life in search of meaning and love.” —William H. McDonald, Jr., Vietnam 1966/67, author of “A Spiritual Warrior’s Journey”
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