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Photos taken of the men of F/51 LRS in 1998 during the shooting for the documentary SILENT VICTORY:
When the SILENT VICTORY producers and their crew were at Ft. Bragg conducting interviews for the documentary in October 1998, F/51st LRS allowed them to film some of their training operations. In Vietnam, F51st was a Long Range Patrol unit (LRP). Later, after reactivation, it was redesignated a Long Range Surveillance unit (LRS). The photographs on this page were taken by Executive Producer Don Hall during the documentary shoot. When SILENT VICTORY is released commercially, the producers hope to include a piece on F/51st LRS as bonus material. In September 2006, Don and Annette Hall visited F/51st at Ft. Bragg again, from September 18—21, 2006, to take photos, shoot more video, and get interviews from the men who were serving in the unit at that time.
All photos © Don C. Hall 
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