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Don and Annette Hall’s September 2006 visit with F/51st LRS Day 2—19 September 2006 (cont’d) Forced March and Prisoner Surveillance Day 1  |  Day 2 (cont’d), Water Training |  Day 3  |  Day 4 On day 2, the trainees aleady had their hide sites set up because they had done so during the night after having HALO-jumped in on the previous day. The objective was to do surveillance on a suspected prisoner transfer without being detected. Other members were completing a forced march, one of whom collapsed from heat exhaustion and had to be treated on site. He recovered quickly and was able to continue the mission.
All photos © Annette and Don Hall This is the page for the Forced March and Prisoner Surveillance portion of Day 2 of Don and Annette Hall’s September 2006 visit with F51 LRS. Links to the other days:   Day 1  |  Day 2 (cont’d), Water Training |  Day 3  |  Day 4
There is always planning and coordinating going on back at HQ.
Forced marches are tough, especially in the heat. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are a real threat. After some rehydration and a short rest, this LRS member was ready to go again.
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