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Photos from past deployments in the Middle East. * Desert Storm * Read document here about ground combat in Desert Storm. See references to “LRS.”
The photos above are courtesy of Sgt. Scales.
* Afghanistan * This is a photo of a former F/51st LRS member. Dave Grieninger  (bottom left), served with F/51st LRS in the late 1990’s. He was instrumental in helping Don and Annette Hall conduct a successful shoot in October 1998 at Ft. Bragg for their documentary, Silent Victory. Dave later left the unit to become a helicopter pilot. In this photo he  is standing atop a 10,000-foot peak in Afghanistan, North of Bagram Airfield, with some of his buddies. Dave is still in the military and pilots military aircraft. Photo courtesy of Dave Grieninger
* Iraq *
1st PLT in the mountains of Kurdistan (2003)
(The 2003 Iraq photos are courtesy of SSG Sadler.)
Made with Xara F/51 LRS Deployments Company F, 51st Infantry (LRS) (ABN) (F/51st LRP’s direct descendant)