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Photo above left: Don and Annette Hall with a group of winners at the festival awards ceremony. Photo above right: Don and Annette in front of the historic Buchanan Theatre, which was one of the screening locations for the festival. Photo left: Don and Annette Hall with Joe Banner, an F51st LRS veteran, at the first showing of SILENT VICTORY at the Vision Film Festival.
ROANOKE, VA, and Buchanan, VA. SILENT VICTORY screened at the 2005 Vision Film Festival.
This is the last film festival into which SILENT VICTORY will be entered,  and it was a poignant moment for both Don and Annette Hall. Roanoke,  VA, is where they met in the 8th grade, fell in love, and married in 1968  upon Don’s return from Vietnam. They feel that presenting SILENT  VICTORY to a Southwest Virginia audience in its last showing at a film  festival brought their project full circle.   SILENT VICTORY was shown three times at the film festival, which was  sponsored by the Southwest Virginia Film Office. SILENT VICTORY won the  Audience Choice Award and the Award for Best Editing. The first  screening was at the Valley View Grande 16 in Roanoke, and the other two  were at the newly restored Buchanan Theatre in Buchanan, which is on the  National Register of Historic Places. 
The screening was held at the Wente Vineyards wine-tasting room. The fragrant smell of wine fermenting in huge oak barrels, and the chilled air provided a unique environment in which to view the documentary. The audience walked out of the warm California sun into the large darkened wine cellar to see a documentary that moved many to tears. Jerry Berrows and Robert Gonzaga, two men who served in F/51st LRP, came to the screening, and were introduced to the audience by executive producer Don Hall. They were greeted with applause and appreciative comments. Afterward, Don and Annette answered the many questions the audience had about SILENT VICTORY.
LIVERMORE, CA SILENT VICTORY screened at the 2004 California Independent Film Festival.
Photo above left: L to R:Jerry Berrows, Don Hall, Robert Gonzaga Photo above right: The wine cellar at one of the vineyards, where screenings were held.
The screening was held at the Studio Movie Grill, a unique movie theater that offered the audience good food served to them while they watch a movie. Comfortable chairs, great service, and wonderful films made the festival experience a memorable one. SILENT VICTORY screened to a full house. Many of the people who saw the documentary said it was one of the most powerful and moving documentaries they had ever seen. There were quite a few tears flowing as the lights came up. The Q&A lasted until we were forced to stop because it was time for the next film to begin. Don and Annette sold every book and VHS tape they brought with them as a result of the positive response to the documentary.
DALLAS, TX. SILENT VICTORY screened at the 2004 American Film Renaissance Film Festival.
Photo above left: L to R: Movie critic and talk-show host, Michael Medved, with Vietnam veterans Don Hall, Gary Heeter, and Rick Jones at the AFR festival. Gary and Rick are both Purple Heart recipients. Photo above right: Annette and Don Hall.
SEDONA, AZ. SILENT VICTORY screened by special invitation at the 2003 Sedona International Film Festival The final version of SILENT VICTORY, which was finished in early March 2003, was shown at this festival by special invitation from the festival organizers. Though the attendance at the screening was lower than expected due to an unseasonable snowfall the night of the screening, the audience said the documentary was excellent, and extremely timely. Quite a few people commented that this film should be shown in high schools. The festival organizers said that SILENT VICTORY was the best documentary they had ever seen. One said that she was riveted to her seat the entire time she watched it. Because the audience reaction to the documentary was so positive, Don Hall, Annette Hall, and producer/director Virginia Hashii were invited to participate on the Filmmaker Panel as speakers.
Photo above left: Annette and Don Hall, Executive Producers, the day of the screening of SILENT VICTORY at the Sedona International Film Festival. Photo above right: The day after the screening of SILENT VICTORY. L to R: Maurice Arnold* (F/51st), Gini Hashii, Don Hall (F/51st), Mary and Robert Gonzaga (F/51st), Annette Hall, Irene and Pasqual Ramirez (199th LIB), Joel (195th AHC) and Rose McDaniel. *Maurice Arnold passed away on October 13, 2004
Prior to the world premiere of the final edit of SILENT VICTORY at the 2003 Sedona International Film  Festival, the rough cut was submitted to several competitions and festivals. It won three awards:  2001 Telluride Independent Film Festival – Documentary Winner The Festival previewers gave high marks to the documentary: "I gave SILENT VICTORY a 10+! It is one of the best documentaries...presented at Telluride IndieFest!" Comments from the audience at the Telluride Indiefest: "A very moving and inspirational documentary. I really enjoyed it a lot!" "What I like about good documentaries is that they provide us insights on subject matter that we (the public) are often unaware about - and SILENT VICTORY was very well done, and very enlightening!"
The Telly Awards was founded in 1980 to showcase and give recognition to out- standing non-network and cable TV commercials, and to film and video productions as well as non-network TV programming.
The Communicator Awards is an international awards program founded by communi- cations professionals to recognize excellence in the communication field. ey are producing is outstanding and highly regarded by their peers.  The Award of Distinction is presented for projects that exceed industry standards in quality and excellence.
2001 COMMUNICATOR AWARDS Award of Distinction
2001 TELLY AWARDS Bronze Award
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