SILENT VICTORY Production Stills This web site is dedicated to the memory of Col. William C. Maus, Jr. (1928 - 1998)
These are some of the behind-the-scenes photos taken by Don and Annette Hall during production of SILENT VICTORY.
Ft. Benning, GA, August 1998
Ft. Bragg, NC, October 1998
F/51st LRS member Dave Grieninger (second from right) was instrumental in making the Ft. Bragg shoot a success. Without his can-do, make-it-happen attitude, we would not have obtained such great results during this shoot. Later, Dave left F/51st LRS to become a helicopter pilot and served in Afghanistan. He in still in the Army and is now a Warrant Officer.
Wilmington NC, April 1999
Executive producer Annette Hall with F/51st LRS honor contingent at the memorial service for Col. William C. Maus.
Orlando, FL, February 1999
Don Hall with F/51st LRS honor guard at the memorial service for Col. William C. Maus. SSG Cornett, who is standing next to Don, was killed in action  in Iraq on 3 Feb 2006. RIP.
Video crew with F51st LRS (Long Range Surveillance). The LRS footage did not make it into the final version of SILENT VICTORY because the focus ended up staying on F/51st LRP (Abn) Inf in Vietnam. It may one day be considered for bonus material.
Video crew with F51st LRS during a Ghillie suit demonstration.
Another shot of the crew  with members of F51st LRS at Ft. Bragg.
Another shot of the Ghillie suit demonstration.
Executive Producer, and Vietnam veteran, Don Hall with video crew after the memorial service for Col. William C. Maus. The Maus family held a reception at their home after the service. Interviews with some of the F/51st LRP men were conducted at that time. All photos © Annette & Don Hall
Photo, left: L to R, producer/director, Virginia Hashii; executive producer, Annette Hall; Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf. Photo, right: L to R, executive producer, Don Hall; Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf. After his interview, Don & Annette Hall presented Gen. Schwarzkopf with a signed copy of the first edition of their book, I SERVED.
While the SILENT VICTORY team was Ft. Bragg. NC, conducting interviews for the documentary, the F51st  LRS members visited F/51st LRP’s former first sergeant, Walter Butts (white shirt, left, facing camera), at his home in Fayetteville, NC.
Video crew interviewing Vietnam vet Rick Erhler.
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