SILENT VICTORY Credits This web site is dedicated to the memory of Col. William C. Maus, Jr. (1928 - 1998)
Executive Producers Annette R. Hall Don C. Hall Producers Don C. Hall Annette R. Hall Virginia Hashii Director Virginia Hashii Editor James P. Golingo Camera Karel Bauer Tony Foresta Kenneth Hackney Dusty Powers Sound Kaye Armstrong Mark Barroso Derek Hay John Santa Original Music Kiren DeVerniero Alan VeuCasovic Graphics James P. Golingo Annette R. Hall Cory Moe Animation James P. Golingo Cory Moe Other Editing Katherine P. Medak Location Manager/Prod. Assistant, Ft. Bragg, NC Dave Grieninger Post-production Facilities Victory Studios (formerly American Production Services), Seattle JAPIGO Productions Transcription Della Street Office Support Archive Photos U.S. Army Military History Institute The National Archives Virginia Military Institute West Point Military Academy U.S. Army War College Archive Film Footage The National Archives International Historic Films Archive Still Photos Archive Photos/Archive Films Archive Film and Stills Reproduction Colorlab Interface Video Systems Photo Response Studio
On-camera Interviews and Appearances George Alexander Walter Butts Mike Cartwright George Christiansen Dave DeShazo Les Ervin Clark Etterman Jim Foreman George Gentry Tiofilo “Speedy” Gonzales Tom Grzybowski Don C. Hall Al Harinck Joe Havrilla Chico Hernandez Dave Hillard Bruce Houghton Bill Houser Dennis Kistler Michael Lee Lanning Dennis Lovick Gary Lucas Chuck Luczynski Jed McGarry Bill Mortenson Dave Peace Roger Roberts Gen. H Norman Schwarzkopf Phil Solomon Gene Slyziuk Bailey Stauffer Richard Vincent J.B. West John Witherspoon Personal Photographs, Home Movies, and Military Maps Provided By: Seferino Alvarado Maurice Arnold Simone Butts Walter Butts George Christiansen David Deshazo Robert Edwards Clark Etterman James Foreman Michael D. Frazier George W. Gentry, Jr. Ted J. Godwin Tiofilo “Speedy” Gonzales Thomas Grzybowski Don C. Hall Joseph Havrilla Chico Hernandez David L. Hillard Bruce Houghton William Houser Jerry Johnson Dennis Kistler Chuck Lucyznski Paul Martin James Miller David Peace Roger Roberts Gene Slyziuk John A. Souza Clyde Tanner William M. Walsh J. B. West Terry Wilund John Witherspoon
Special Thanks To: All the good men of F/51st Long Range Patrol (Airborne) Infantry Colonel William C. Maus (U.S. Army, retired, now deceased) General Fred C. Weyand (U.S. Army, retired) Command Sergeant Major Jeffrey Mellinger Company F, 51st Long Range Surveillance Unit (Ft. Bragg, NC) F/51st LRSU honor guard LTC David D. Hale, Jr. (519th Military Intelligence Bn., Ft. Bragg, NC) Cpt. Jeremy Miller (F/51st LRSU) Lt. Joe Banner (F/51st LRSU) MSG Jay Field (U.S. Army PAO) Elsie Jackson (U.S. Army PAO) Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Kurt Horn (APS Seattle) Marilyn Medina (Oleander Memorial Gardens, Wilmington, NC) Jackie Parrish (Harrells Christian Academy, Harrells, NC) Margaret Toothman (Harrells Christian Academy, Harrells, NC) Water Street Restaurant, Wilmington, NC Cheryl Landes Carina Hall Harper Pete and Dru Ragone Michelle Golingo
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